Today we were inducted onto the ship, which basically means we learned about emergency procedures and got a very thorough tour of the essentials, like where to eat and sleep. First, there are a lot of decks, or levels, of the ship. We sleep on the bottom and on the very top is the bridge,… Read More

Justin and I went to check out the ship, the RV Tangaroa, before our official induction tomorrow. We went with Laura Wallace, a PI (principal investigator) on the experiment and Research Scientist at the University of Texas at Austin. The crew was loading seismometers and other equipment on the ship.… Read More

To relax before the beginning of the research cruise, and to relax after a rather taxing semester, I rented a car and drove up to Tongariro National Park, 5 hours north of Wellington on the North Island. I was a little wary of driving on the opposite side of the road, on the opposite side… Read More

Hi, I’m Jenny, one of Dr. Anne Sheehan’s graduate students in Geophysics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am in New Zealand for a scientific experiment called HOBITSS, the Hikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip. This project will utilize data collected by absolute pressure gauges and ocean bottom seismometers, which… Read More