The CIRES Western Water Assessment has released a preliminary assessment of September 2013’s severe flooding, including information on weather, water, climate and risk. More:  … Read More

Expert panel, Wednesday, 11 am MT: Extreme weather and connections to climate change: How unusual were September’s floods? A panel of science experts will convene at the University of Colorado Boulder Wednesday, to discuss weather and climate related to the recent devastating floods. Panelists will discuss the unusual weather conditions that caused the floods, the… Read More

CIRES is posting images of the floods on our Flickr site, here. If you would like your photographs added, please contact CIRES multimedia specialist David Oonk,… Read More

A post from Bryon Lawrence, CIRES scientist at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, I sometimes like to draw an analogy between weather and cooking. There are recipes for significant hydrometerological events, and for the Northern Front Range and the nearby plains of northeastern Colorado, the ingredients for a major rain and flood event came together… Read More

Cathy Smith, a CIRES researcher at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, has started a flood resource page here. Some of the information is for scientific audiences (eg, time series maps of precipitable water anomalies); some is accessible for general audiences (eg, a link to UCAR/NCAR’s great story, “Inside the Colorado Deluge”); and she even has… Read More