The FirnCover team traversed from Saddle back to DYE-2 yesterday in lower visibility during a snowfall – but not in very dangerous conditions. With GPS guiding the way, and the ability to see the rest of the team around them, they did arrive safely approximately four hours later. The ride was very smooth with fresh powder… Read More

The FirnCover science team arrived at the EKT site approximately 100 km (~62 mi) NE of DYE 2 Sunday afternoon. The snowmobile traverse was fairly uneventful with the exception of a few “bumps on the road”.  Due to the very rough ride, two of the Zarges aluminum cases flew off one of the sleds after a strap snapped… Read More

The FirnCover research team arrived safely via snowmobile at KAN-U, their first work site this campaign season.  The 67 km (41.6 mi) journey from “home base” camp, Dye-2,  took about 4 hours without any major difficulties.  Upon arrival, it was discovered that Mike’s firm compaction tower was still standing with no apparent physical damage despite… Read More

Email from Mike this evening: We flew up to the EastGrIP site today (EastGrIP is now the official name for the “NEGIS” site). We had perfect weather and the Danish crew there offered us fresh chocolate cake from the oven right when we arrived.  They invited us into their famous “dome” for lunch and conversation. The… Read More

Today’s snowmobile traverse to DYE 2 was rather uneventful at the start, but about 35 km/22 mi in, the team was faced with strong head winds and blowing snow which produced full on whiteout conditions with temperatures hovering around -30˚F.  With no visibility of the horizon line for the remaining 60 km/37 mi, they exclusively depended on their GPS… Read More

The ACT-15 science team is packing up camp and traversing to DYE 2 today.  Although there is still blowing wind and snow, overall the weather has much improved since yesterday’s whiteout storm. Click on the image below to track the team’s position in real time!  … Read More

Communications from Mike this morning initially indicated that winds in the area were moderate and that a traverse to DYE 2 was yet undecided.  Four hours later, I learned that weather had worsened significantly and that most of Greenland was shut down to all flights. Winds had picked up speed with near zero visibility.  Dangerous… Read More

Another storm with wind speeds at 30 knots is keeping the ACT-15 team held back at Saddle Camp for today and possibly tomorrow as well.  Snow drifts keep the team busy shoveling snow off of the tents and entrances. Thankfully they brought more than enough food, so they’re eating quite well.  This morning they had a… Read More

Despite a slew of technical difficulties, the science team completed all tasks in one day at Saddle Camp and if weather cooperates, they will traverse back to DYE2 tomorrow! However, Mike said, another round of harsh weather is expected to move in to the area.  The good news is, the team is still ahead of schedule.… Read More

A text message from Mike this morning informed me that the team is held back yet another day as weather has deteriorated into whiteout conditions.  However, winds are expected to calm down later in the day.  If weather improves as projected, the team will begin traversing to Saddle Camp tomorrow.  Considering that the team has been… Read More