The FirnCover team traversed from Saddle back to DYE-2 yesterday in lower visibility during a snowfall – but not in very dangerous conditions. With GPS guiding the way, and the ability to see the rest of the team around them, they did arrive safely approximately four hours later. The ride was very smooth with fresh powder… Read More

Today’s snowmobile traverse to DYE 2 was rather uneventful at the start, but about 35 km/22 mi in, the team was faced with strong head winds and blowing snow which produced full on whiteout conditions with temperatures hovering around -30˚F.  With no visibility of the horizon line for the remaining 60 km/37 mi, they exclusively depended on their GPS… Read More

News from the Greenland Ice Sheet reveals that the storm has cleared overnight and after about 12″ of fresh snow, the camp is buried in 3′-4′ snow drifts.  Once they dig themselves out, the ACT-15 team is traversing to Saddle Camp today after having to wait out the storm for the past two days at… Read More

Text received from Mike’s sat phone yesterday @ 8:15AM MDT: “Katabatic winds kicked up last night. Stranded at Dye2 til weather clears. Hunkered down, team doing well.” Don’t forget to track the ACT-15 team on the Ice Sheet!  To display the trackers (BC19 and BC35) go to:  … Read More