The first GEUS (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) published article: “Observed melt-season snowpack evolution on the Greenland ice sheet“ regarding the 2012 extreme melt season, is now available online! In this small study, scientists are analyzing and interpreting “Snow Processes in the Lower Accumulation Zone” during the 2012 field campaign in Greenland.  Authors are Charalampos (Babis) Charalampidis and Dirk… Read More

As the FirnCover 2015 project comes to a close, our climate scientists successfully completed the largest network of firn compaction instruments ever deployed, monitoring continuously on the ice sheet.  The FirnCover network now consists of 41 separate instruments installed at 8 stations across Greenland! We look forward to hearing from the researchers about the data… Read More

The crew arrived at Crawford Point this morning around 9AM (local time) and got to work while the pilots left to refuel in Ilulissat. Instruments were successfully installed, but not without any hitches. Several hours were spent using aircraft cable – among other methods – attempting to fish out a Kovacs coring drill barrel that got stuck… Read More

Yesterday morning the ACT-15 team had to deal with gale force winds described by Mike as “the worst storm yet”.  Snow was blowing directly into the torn latrine tent and no one dared to venture out to the privy…for a while anyway. At least they enjoyed a hearty musk ox goulash for dinner. All the… Read More

Yesterday at DYE 2, bad whiteout winds kept the team pretty much hunkered down.  They did however, manage to set up the latrine tent during the storm, but the strong winds ripped the tent door open.  Visiting the latrine is now a “spin-drifty experience” as described by Mike. Better weather was had today and was… Read More