News from the Greenland Ice Sheet reveals that the storm has cleared overnight and after about 12″ of fresh snow, the camp is buried in 3′-4′ snow drifts.  Once they dig themselves out, the ACT-15 team is traversing to Saddle Camp today after having to wait out the storm for the past two days at… Read More

A text message from Mike this morning informed me that the team is held back yet another day as weather has deteriorated into whiteout conditions.  However, winds are expected to calm down later in the day.  If weather improves as projected, the team will begin traversing to Saddle Camp tomorrow.  Considering that the team has been… Read More

Strong winds have picked up and gusts are expected to reach up to 40-50 knots later this evening. Mike has decided to sit tight at the NASA-SE camp today rather than attempt a traverse that could very quickly turn into a perilous situation for his team.  The decision to traverse to Saddle will be reevaluated based on… Read More

Although weather was windy and a ‘bit’ chilly, about -15˚C (5˚F), it didn’t keep the scientists from completing another successful work day at the NASA-SE site yesterday.  Today’s goal is to drill holes in the ice for the installation of compaction instruments, weather permitting.  If all goes according to plan, the team will pack up… Read More

A phone call this afternoon from Mike on the ice sheet revealed that the team has completed work at the EKT station; instruments are successfully transmitting data, and they are well ahead of schedule to boot! If the favorable weather trend continues, the team will start their next journey tomorrow towards the NASA-SE site, located at about 100… Read More

A phone call from Babis on the ice sheet yesterday evening informed me that the team has traversed from Dye-2 to first science site KAN_U with great ease. This 66 km / 41 mile stretch of compacted, bumpy snow took forever to drive on our snow mobiles two years ago, having to strap and restrap boxes often, even though… Read More

Text received from Mike’s sat phone yesterday @ 8:15AM MDT: “Katabatic winds kicked up last night. Stranded at Dye2 til weather clears. Hunkered down, team doing well.” Don’t forget to track the ACT-15 team on the Ice Sheet!  To display the trackers (BC19 and BC35) go to:  … Read More