Introduction to CrowdMag and the Iron Dike For geologists, magnetics play an important role in understanding the behavior of rocks. Rocks containing magnetic minerals like magnetite (iron oxide) can give off strong magnetic signals which can be used to determine their exact location, even if they are hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface. All smartphones… Read More

As part of Earth Science Week (#EarthScienceWeek) CIRES is hosting a GeoMag Challenge kick-off event on October 13th at 11am MT. In this live webinar, you’ll learn why Earth’s magnetic field is vital for life on Earth. We’ll show you how to collect data on the intensity of Earth’s magnetic field using only your phone… Read More

In CrowdMag project, we explore whether the digital magnetometers built in modern mobile smartphones can be used as scientific instruments. With CrowdMag mobile apps, phones all around the world can send magnetometer data to our research group. At our server, we check the quality of the magnetic data and share data with the public as… Read More