Dear CIRES Community:  As you know, CIRES and the university have moved all non-critical operations online for the time being, due to the current COVID-19 situation. The need for social distancing determines that we work from home at least until the mandatory remote phase comes to an end. While some members of our institute may… Read More

Dear CIRES Colleagues, I assume most of you have received the note below, but just in case, I’m forwarding it to all CIRES staff who work in affiliation with NOAA. Unless you have been identified as someone whose in-person work is critical (you have been informed already if this is the case), telework is mandatory.… Read More

Dear CIRES Community Members, I know you are inundated with emails at the moment, but many of you have reached out to my team with questions about how time should be charged during this COVID-19 situation, and I wanted to answer that as well as speak briefly to another key issue: your emotional well-being. As… Read More

Dear Colleagues,  I’ll keep today’s note brief. As announced by Chancellor DiStefano yesterday, CU Boulder is moving to a mandatory work-from-home phase tomorrow (Wednesday, March 18). This means that unless you know you are designated as a critical services employee, you should not go to work on CU Boulder’s campus after today.  I’m still working with CIRES supervisors… Read More

Dear Colleagues,  I sincerely appreciate your time and good questions during our virtual town halls this morning. My team will let you know when we schedule the next virtual meeting; it will likely be sometime next week. I’d like to clarify a couple things, because we were all dealing with rapidly changing information this morning. This… Read More