The recording of the CIRES Town Hall that took place on 9/28/2021 at 9:00am can be found here:… Read More

Number of Attendees: 172 To watch the recording please visit: Chat Transcript 08:59:05 From Jeff D. : That’s Angels Landing in Zion. I just did that hike about two weeks ago08:59:10 From Jeff D. : Good class 3 at that point09:00:55 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Meeting ID: 923 1338 2668+1 253 215 8782… Read More

Number of Attendees: 151 Chat Transcript 09:01:53 From Katy Human (she/hers) : all: please feel free to type questions in here, or save them for the end and unmute yourself. I’m always happy to ask anonymous questions on your behalf09:02:48 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Moment of silence for Boulder shooting victims and families and… Read More

Chat Transcipt 10:06:08 From Jimena Ugaz : Good morning everyone! You will receive a survey today soliciting feedback on last week’s and today’s trainings! We would appreciate your feedback, so that we can continue improving our training offerings. Survey is anonymous!10:08:40 From Lisa Bengtsson : Will these slides be available somewhere after the training?10:09:35 From… Read More

Chat Transcript 09:05:11 From Gijs de Boer : Thanks for bringing that up Waleed. Looked at this this past weekend and realized that I was likely to lose around 7 weeks of leave in July. Trying to figure out how to solve that…09:06:12 From Mary Jo Brodzik : I had to confirm this myself recently,… Read More

Chat Transcript 10:02:27 From Angela Knight : Good morning all! Kelly will be referencing the following documents during her presentation: Performance Rating Descriptors and Mitigating Bias in Performance Ratings: From Heather Yocum : A bunch of folks including LuAnn were in the wrong Zoom call, so might be a bunch of late folks!10:05:18 From… Read More

Chat Transcript 10:01:26 From Angela Knight : Getting started in a few minutes to allow others to join. Feel free to enter questions here and we will answer throughout the session as we are able. Thanks for being here!10:14:24 From Ann Middlebrook : How will we access the recordings in the future?10:15:08 From Jimena Ugaz… Read More

Chat Transcript 09:00:50 From Molly Hardman : It’s kind of like waiting until the popcorn slows to between 2 and 3 seconds in the microwave09:00:51 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Welcome, everyone! Thanks for staying muted for now – but there should be plenty of time for Q&A09:00:58 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Yes, Molly!09:05:17… Read More