Save the Date! Thursday 2/4/21, 10:30 am – 12:00, via Zoom For all CIRES Principal Investigators, Early Career Scientists or anyone planning to submit proposals. The CIRES Proposal Team has organized a training session with CU’s RIO’s Proposal Writing Services. CIRES Associate Director of Science, Christine Wiedinmyer will give general tips for successful proposal writing,… Read More

Video available on request: Chat Transcript 10:00:06 From Katy Human : Can everyone mute now?10:01:12 From Katy Human : Lovely to “see” so many of us! Happy New Year, all!10:01:29 From Phil Handley : Happy New Year! Thanks10:01:51 From Susan Sullivan : Happy New Year!10:01:57 From Joe McGlinchy : happy 2021!10:02:03 From Katy Human… Read More

Video available on request: Chat Transcript 10:00:11 From Katy Human : Hi, Everyone! I’ll monitor the chat for questions – and we’ll open it up later, too.10:00:23 From Katy Human : Feel free to ping me privately if you want me to ask a question anonymously for you10:08:49 From Susan Sullivan : To give… Read More

Video available on request: Chat Transcript 09:01:23 From Katy Human : Welcome, everyone!09:02:11 From Katy Human : Feel free to type questions in the chat – or after Waleed’s remarks, unmute yourselves and ask away09:05:13 From Siri Jodha’s iPad Pro : I recommend the Time Out app, which reminds you, in a minimally obtrusive… Read More

CIRES HR would like to remind you of the Annual Leave Certification process, which must be completed by October 25. The leave certification process is set by Board of Regents Policy. All leave eligible employees are required to do this each year. This year, the pandemic may have hindered the ability of some employees to use excess leave before the fiscal year… Read More

Please welcome Emily Hinga, the new HR Generalist joining the CIRES HR team on September 21.  Emily brings with her over ten years of experience in higher education HR, both from the University of Denver and the Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she served as an HR and Operations Manager.  Emily will be taking… Read More

Register for a mentor by Friday, Oct. 2! The CIRES Mentoring Program fosters professional growth and career development by pairing mentees and mentors across the institute. Sign up today! ALL CIRES career paths are welcome to participate. … Read More

The best resources for travel information during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are: CU PSC COVID Travel webpage: CU Boulder and RIO Travel Information webpage: CIRES Travel Team: email As of April 2021, domestic trips no longer require high-risk approval, however, all travel requests are still reviewed and approved by both the CIRES… Read More