CU Boulder has many dedicated support and advocacy support resources available for the campus community. Individuals can access the full list of services here. For specific ways to help trauma survivors please visit this link. The Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) and the Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) are available to assist faculty, staff and students. FSAP and OVA… Read More

We’ve updated the CIRES policy on reimbursing individual membership dues. The new text is posted in full on InsideCIRES, here: What has changed? Defined criteria for when CIRES will support the cost of individual memberships Added clarity on what CIRES defines as “presenting research” at professional conferences Added guidance for researchers who want to… Read More

Chat Transcipt 10:06:08 From Jimena Ugaz : Good morning everyone! You will receive a survey today soliciting feedback on last week’s and today’s trainings! We would appreciate your feedback, so that we can continue improving our training offerings. Survey is anonymous!10:08:40 From Lisa Bengtsson : Will these slides be available somewhere after the training?10:09:35 From… Read More

Chat Transcript 09:05:11 From Gijs de Boer : Thanks for bringing that up Waleed. Looked at this this past weekend and realized that I was likely to lose around 7 weeks of leave in July. Trying to figure out how to solve that…09:06:12 From Mary Jo Brodzik : I had to confirm this myself recently,… Read More

As part of the revised Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking Policy that went into effect Aug. 14, 2020, all CU employees are required to complete the online Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct policy training course. The deadline was September 18, 2020.  CIRES HR audit shows many are still not up-to-date with this training. Waleed will be begin reaching… Read More

Chat Transcript 10:02:27 From Angela Knight : Good morning all! Kelly will be referencing the following documents during her presentation: Performance Rating Descriptors and Mitigating Bias in Performance Ratings: From Heather Yocum : A bunch of folks including LuAnn were in the wrong Zoom call, so might be a bunch of late folks!10:05:18 From… Read More

Chat Transcript 10:01:26 From Angela Knight : Getting started in a few minutes to allow others to join. Feel free to enter questions here and we will answer throughout the session as we are able. Thanks for being here!10:14:24 From Ann Middlebrook : How will we access the recordings in the future?10:15:08 From Jimena Ugaz… Read More

Chat Transcript 09:00:50 From Molly Hardman : It’s kind of like waiting until the popcorn slows to between 2 and 3 seconds in the microwave09:00:51 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Welcome, everyone! Thanks for staying muted for now – but there should be plenty of time for Q&A09:00:58 From Katy Human (she/hers) : Yes, Molly!09:05:17… Read More

CU Boulder and CU System have policies around Workplace Bullying and Ethical Behavior to which all employees are expected to adhere. Both also have guidance on expectations of inclusive excellence:    Workplace Bullying APS (administrative policy statement) Code of Conduct APS: Principles of Ethical Behavior Inclusive Excellence competency Colorado Creed: As a member of the Boulder community and the University of… Read More