Following the announcement that AMS Annual Meeting 2023 will be located in Denver, CIRES Travel would like to remind the CIRES community of the in-state travel policies and procedures. Please visit the InsideCIRES travel page for more information or contact CIRES Travel with any questions or concerns regarding in-state travel requests or reimbursements.

More information regarding Coronavirus travel updates can be found on the PSC travel page.

  • CIRES employees or students travelling within the state of Colorado for a meeting or workshop do not need to submit a travel request in InsideCIRES if the university is only covering the cost for their conference registration.
  • Travelers should submit a request for prior approval if in-state travel costs will include overnight lodging, per diem, parking and/or mileage.
  • If travel is wholly within a single day, meals are an allowable expense as long as the trip lasts 12 hours or more. Reimbursement cannot exceed 75% of the daily M&IE per diem rate.
  • Meal reimbursement is not allowable if adequate meals are included with lodging, as part of conference/registration fees, or otherwise provided to traveler at no cost. Amounts in excess of meal per diem are not allowable unless part of a required official function.
  • On begin and end travel days, reimbursement cannot exceed 75% of the daily M&IE per diem rate.
  • Lodging is allowable to the extent the lodging provides reasonable accommodations based on the business needs for the traveler. Travelers should use their travel card to pay for lodging.