The PSC recently clarified that Procurement Cards should not be used to buy furniture, as all furniture purchases should be processed in the CU Marketplace through CCI or one of the 5 new furniture suppliers. Individuals cannot be reimbursed for personal purchases of furniture.

The benefits of using the approved suppliers are:

  • Expanded number of approved suppliers
  • Access to contract pricing
  • Simplified procurement process
  • Access to dozens of leading furniture manufacturer brands
  • Access to catalogs for all six suppliers as they become available on Marketplace
  • CU dedicated account management with all six suppliers
  • Access to commercial grade and ergonomic-appropriate furniture, reducing overall Total Cost of Ownership

If there is any interest in purchasing furniture from a non-approved furniture supplier, the University’s waiver process is no longer required. Instead, the purchase will need to go through the normal procurement solicitation process, which depending on total cost and scope, may take up to six months to complete. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged that furniture be purchased from one of the 6 approved suppliers in the CU Marketplace.

For more detailed information, please visit the PSC “Buy Furniture” Page.

Please contact your finance manager with any questions or if you would like to submit a furniture purchase request.