If you have not yet checked and certified your annual leave balance, please do so now; the deadline has passed, but there is no penalty for missing it. For instructions, see the August 21 email from Employee Services, subject: “Action required: Certify your…” Do NOT sign if there is a significant discrepancy (>1 hour) from… Read More

The ASA season is winding down as vacationers and field personnel straggle back to Boulder. The merit raise pool is 3% and CIRES is now determining raises for eligible employees. Merit raises are effective October 1.… Read More

Are you presenting fascinating new results at GSA, AGU, AMS or other conferences this year? Science journalists attend those conferences, and we want to be sure YOUR work stands out to them, among the many other potential stories they could pursue. We highlight new findings, especially if unexpected, high-impact, or pertaining to current events. Must… Read More

Please welcome Taylor Devlin, who will join the CIRES IT group mid-September as a developer and developer operations manager. Taylor will help  accelerate our business application development, including the Annual Summary of Accomplishment system, funding management systems, and more.… Read More

Employees paid through federal funds must regularly certify the effort spent on projects through ePERS:  electronic Personnel Effort Reports. If you’re certified already, thanks! If not, please log into the campus portal now: Several employees’ certifications are overdue, putting us out of compliance with CU policy. To access the ePERS page, log in to your… Read More

The CU Boulder Office of Faculty Affairs wants to know about your academic publications (especially journal papers, books and book chapters) before or when you publish them, not months later when publishers finally file publication lists. That delay can affect assessments and more. When you have a paper accepted, please send a quick note or… Read More

Have you completed your self assessment (ASA) yet? These reports, covering your Jan 2017-June 2018 successes, are due to your supervisor by July 31 (earlier for some units), and are required of all employees hired before May 1. It is essential you file this report on time. Learn more on InsideCIRES and please contact your… Read More

Your assessments are due August 15. Please consider carefully how you rank your supervisees and read the University’s description of each level (below). For example, an employee who periodically exceeds expectations and whose work is of high quality in all areas should receive a 3. This reminder is part of an effort to create greater… Read More

Check your publications carefully this year, which is a confusing one, because your ASA covers 2017 and part of 2018. Please file your publications (or ensure that they are filed) under the correct calendar year—the one when the paper, database, etc. published—and check for duplicates. If you encounter problems, send a note to ciresithelp@colorado.edu and… Read More

Attention CIRES Procurement Card holders! CIRES Finance is making a change to our P-Card report reviewing process in Concur. On Monday, June 4, 2018, all CIRES P-Card holders will have their Approving Official changed to Nikki Joy, our Property & Purchasing Manager.  To facilitate this change, please submit your May Procurement Card report by Friday,… Read More