Waleed has delegated the task of deciding the appropriate mix of in-person vs. remote work to supervisors. Along with the work itself, supervisors at NOAA may need to take federal colleagues’ schedules and needs into account, as well as the needs of the larger CIRES team and equity of direct reports. Waleed spoke to this detail in the town hall on April 26. That recording can be found here.

CU Boulder HR has developed thorough guidance for supervisors in considering appropriate work modalities for employees. This guidance, along with consultation with our federal partners can help you determine the proper mix of in-person and remote work for your direct reports. You can find this detailed guidance here.

Supervisors may need to discuss with their supervisor/up-line as they consider the schedules for their group. If supervisors are still struggling after conversations with their federal colleagues, larger CIRES team, and their own supervisor, please reach out to Angela Knight or Christine Wiedinmyer to discuss.

Please remember this is a transitional period, give yourselves grace as supervisors. Be prepared to be flexible, experiment and iterate on what works over time – from the employee, team, and stakeholder perspectives. 

Units may continue to iterate into late summer/fall if needed.

Hybrid schedules are requested to be on file through InsideCIRES by July 5. Note that these can change as your team adjusts. If you need to update your remote work agreement, please enter a new agreement.