February 14, 2022 UPDATE: Please see the newest inclement weather guidance here.

Last winter, CU Boulder updated inclement weather guidance for all employees. The full policy can be found here and establishes that weather-related delayed starts and closures impact everyone working that day, whether working remotely or in person. Specifically:

  • Administrative leave is granted to regular employees for their scheduled work hours during the period of closure. 
  • Certain remote meetings may still need to take place under exceptional circumstances. Check with your supervisor or department for further guidance. 

For those who are Boulder Campus located employees, please follow the site status for CU Boulder Campus

For those who are embedded at the NOAA labs, please follow the DOC Boulder labs site status for NOAA Boulder, and for those at WPC in Maryland, please use site closure status for your building location.

During a site closure, delayed start or early release related to inclement weather, please do not alter your timesheet unless specifically requested by CIRES HR.