Governor Polis has granted 12 hours of administrative leave to state employees. This additional leave is granted to all CIRES campus and DSRC located employees, but depending on your location, these hours need to be used differently. Please see specifics of how this leave applies, based on your location below. And note: CIRES Administrative Offices (Communications, Finance, HR, IT) will be closed the week of December 27th, with on-call coverage for the 29th & 30th for high priority items.

For Employees at CU Boulder Campus:

Because CU Boulder campus is already closed on December 27, 28, and 31, the additional 12 hours of leave should be applied on December 29 and December 30, where possible. In addition, CIRES will be offering a four-hour early release on the afternoon of December 30, allowing employees to take a total of 16 hours of administrative leave over these two days. Employees who must work on the 29th or 30th can flex their administrative leave and use it by January 14, 2022. Administrative leave will be supported by the employee’s salary funding source. Employees do not need to adjust timesheets when taking this administrative leave.

For Employees Embedded at the NOAA Labs:

CIRES employees based at the DSRC observe Federal closures and holidays: December 24 is the observed Christmas Holiday and December 31 the observed New Year’s Holiday. Employees embedded at NOAA should use the additional 12 hours of leave during the week of December 27, in coordination with their supervisor. Two hour early release is granted for December 23 and December 30 to align with federal early release guidance, on those days you can end your work day two hours early. Please note: If additional federal holiday is granted, that leave will not be additive and will instead replace leave time issued by the Governor, hour-for-hour. Employees do not need to adjust timesheets when taking this administrative leave.