Please see this article discussing that the Board of Regents have approved salary increases for eligible employees, in addition to a one-time payment, effective January 1, 2022 and visit the CU Boulder HR FAQ webpage with details related to the compensation increase and one-time payment.

A 3% base-building salary increase will apply across the board to all eligible researchers, university staff, and tenure-track faculty. The increase will be based on the December 2021 payroll snapshot. CIRES will increase its GRA rate by 3% as of January 1, 2022, as well. Undergraduate and temporary employees are not eligible for this increase. There will be no additional merit-based raises this cycle. This across-the-board increase is aimed at employee retention, acknowledging the tremendous ongoing service of our CU and CIRES employees. The 3% increase will come from the same funds that support the employee’s salary.

A 1% one-time, non-base-building payment will also be issued to eligible researchers, university staff and tenure-track faculty. This payment will not apply to undergraduate, graduate, or temporary employees. This 1% payment will be supported by central campus funds (i.e., not CIRES grants).

Employee eligibility for both payments requires an active appointment of September 1, 2021 or earlier, and a performance rating of “3 – Meets Expectations” or higher for employees who were hired at the time of the most recent 2020-2021 performance evaluation process.

Eligible employees will see these increases in their January 2022 paychecks.

Please reach out to CIRES HR if you have any questions.