As you know, entering vacation and sick leave into the MyLeave system is a monthly requirement for all employees.
Completing this accurately and in a timely manor benefits you with correct leave accruals, and benefits HR by allowing us to accurately assist or advise in cases of extended leave, or other special circumstances.

This refresher, presented by LuAnn Line, CIRES Leave and Payroll Specialist, and Lucia Harrop, CIRES NOAA Liaison, covers timesheet creation and submission basics followed by a special section on Family Medical Leave and other less-used categories of leave that may be relevant for parents, those caring for sick family members, or other special circumstances. 

This session is relevant to all employees, but is especially important for supervisors who are monitoring and approving leave submissions. Specifically, knowing when an employee should apply for Family Medical Leave, or use other leave categories to provide for accuracy and job protections for employees. Please view the recorded session here. Slide deck is below.