Updated April 20, 2022 to include NOAA based staff.

InsideCIRES has a new online tool to track remote work agreements. HR requires that you have your regular schedule and locations on file regardless of where your office is located (CU Campus, NOAA, an alternate worksite, or fully remote). For safety and emergency contact purposes, all CIRES employees must complete this form, even those who work 100% in-office. This will help supervisors and administrators better understand where our employees are at any given time, and will enable CIRES to meet a new requirement from CU Boulder HR. This new online form will replace the old PDF telework agreement. Employees should discuss their prospective remote work schedule with their supervisor in advance of its completion. Please complete this form two weeks in advance of any schedule change, when possible.

The remote works agreement tool can be found here: https://insidecires.colorado.edu/remotework/
Or by logging into InsideCIRES and clicking the “Manage Agreements” button unto the Remote Work Agreements Application box.

Once an employee submits a remote work agreement, their supervisor will receive an email. Supervisors can review the submitted information and either accept the agreement or request changes by sending the request back to the employee. Once the agreement is approved by the supervisor, it will be uploaded to the employee’s personnel profile with visibility by employee, supervisor, and CIRES HR.

Employees can have multiple agreements on file, or can upload a new one when their schedule will be changing for an ongoing period of time. For example, you regularly only work remotely on Mondays, but from November 1 to November 30, you will work remotely Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. You would have your original agreement with just Mondays remotely on file and then you would submit an additional remote work agreement for dates November 1-30. The tool can also track specific hours of each day. This tool should not be used to track one-off changes in schedule, such as a shift due to a medical appointment or vacation, etc. It should only be used when longer-term changes to schedule are being made.

This remote work agreement is between the employee and supervisor and does not require additional approval by the CIRES Director. The exception to this will be for 100% remote work requests. In this situation, requests will first require advance approval by the supervisor and the appropriate federal partner, for employees working at the DSRC. Fully remote work request form is below. Please follow the instructions on the form as each employee group has different signature requirements.

You can submit your remote work agreement from the homepage of InsideCIRES (https://insidecires.colorado.edu/home.php) under Remote Work Agreements, and click “Manage Agreements.”

Please note that CIRES HR will ultimately be required to report remote work schedules of CIRES administrative units (Communications, Education & Outreach, Finance, HR, and IT) to the CIRES Director and CU HR for final review and approval. Campus reporting deadlines are TBD and we will keep employees informed of this and any related actions separate from the form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to ciresHR@colorado.edu.