Many of you have seen the notification that the Board of Regents approved a 2% campus-wide post-pandemic payment for faculty, researchers, and university staff (for most of us, these payments will be ~2% of our 6-month salaries, or ~1% of annual or academic-year-based salary). As confirmed in today’s email from the Chancellor, this payment will be made using CU funds, not CIRES’ funds, and will be paid out in your July 30 paycheck. More details on eligibility and how the 2% is calculated are available here. The Regents also approved a shift in the campus performance cycle that matches the calendar year starting in 2022. The Regents noted that the 2% payment is for two reasons: 1) the challenges employees have faced during the pandemic and 2) to acknowledge the upcoming shift in the compensation cycle. To be clear: The payment is not a raise; it does not increase base salaries. Campus leadership will decide this fall if there will be a January 2022 merit increase, which would be an increase in base salary.