Presented 12/03/2020 at 11:00AM

Chat Transcript

11:04:57 From Max Boykoff (he/him) : Will these slides be available afterwards? If so, I won’t take as many notes. Thank you.
11:05:17 From Angela Knight : Hi Max, Yes! We can make those available. Thank you.
11:05:25 From Max Boykoff (he/him) : Thank you.
11:16:18 From Leslie Hartten : CIRES Research Associates (RAs) and Professional Research Associates (PRAs) are non-tenure-track CU Faculty.
I’m confused by Kym’s language regarding “research faculty”; is she including CIRES RAs & PRAs when she refers to “research faculty”?
11:17:19 From Angela Knight : Good question, Leslie. Yes, research faculty includes PRAs, Research Associates, so most of our employees.
11:17:35 From April Laliberte : Does this “Equal Pay” only apply to CU’s job titles or are we required to compare jobs within Colorado as a whole?
11:17:54 From Leslie Hartten : Thanks Angela!
11:19:51 From Angela Knight : Hi APril – The comparison is within CU to start; however, it drills down further for PRAs and RAs to compare only within CIRES where it makes sense, or perhaps only within a particular lab. We will talk more about this.
11:20:18 From April Laliberte : OK thanks!
11:23:54 From Chris Senff : Will CIRES provide job posting salary ranges (parsed out by career track) for all of CIRES or will it be up to individual labs/centers to set the salary ranges?
11:24:58 From Angela Knight : Hi Chris – good question. I’ll touch on this at Q&A. It will be a bit of both and a work in progress, especially in the first few months of the year.
11:27:23 From ericadamson : Often, the position descriptions for CIRES research scientists are quite general and could feasibly represent ones responsibilities over their entire career. Will CIRES provide guidelines/templates to illustrate an appropriate level of detail for position descriptions, in line with the requirements of this legislation?
11:29:38 From Aaron Sweeney : Who will be responsible for auditing employers for compliance with the EPA?
11:30:02 From Angela Knight : Hi Eric – in short, yes. I’ll touch on this as well. In short, the updated job description template available on Inside CIRES will be useful here. We will likely need to add some sections related to pay rate or range, and this will also be an ongoing process as we get to know the necessary protocols in more detail.
11:30:40 From Gabrielle Petron : Right now, most employees do not know other employees salaries. How will CIRES HR make this process transparent and fair for all employees?
11:30:45 From Angela Knight : Hi Aaron – we’ll ask Kym. I believe it will be the CO Dept of Labor but she can confirm.
11:32:11 From Angela Knight : Hi Gaby – Good question. I will speak to this. It will start with ensuring we’re recommending applicable hiring ranges by job type, duties, level of responsibility/autonomy and necessary training. This is something we’ve begun working on at CIRES HR and will continue to work on this.
11:34:01 From Aaron Sweeney : Federal job applications currently require including past salaries as part of an applicant’s work history. Is it true that the CO-EPA does not apply to federal jobs in the state of Colorado?
11:34:55 From Angela Knight : We can ask Kym. Because they are federal jobs, I believe that trumps the State law, but let’s check. Thanks!
11:35:18 From Noor Johnson : Does this law apply to current employees? If so, what mechanisms will be put in place to identify and address existing pay discrepancies?
11:36:59 From Angela Knight : Hi Noor – we can touch on this.
11:37:37 From Noor Johnson : Thanks!
11:40:11 From Audrey Gaudel : I have a question. Can I ask it directly or should I write in the chat? Thank you!
11:40:48 From Aaron Sweeney : Will transparency rules require that an additional subclassification be added to existing CIRES job titles? You mentioned that there may be differences between different research groups. I’m thinking of an example of hiring an Associate Scientist or Research Scientist I/II/III—how does someone discern that an AS II in one group is different from an AS II in another group?
11:45:20 From Gabrielle Petron : Angela, will you take feedback from all employees on the revised career track scale or just from a small group? I think it would be nice to present drafts and get feedback and allow labs to learn from each other and have an equitable system throughout CIRES.
11:49:24 From Gabrielle Petron : Is there a deadline to have updated job descriptions for existing employees to allow for a fair comparison? CIRES may need to look into if the job descriptions, education/training etc.. on file are detailed enough and up to date.
11:55:12 From Aaron Sweeney : Can you provide a link to the CU System that exists for looking up salaries?
11:55:57 From Chris Torrence : I think that link is here?
11:59:56 From Xia Sun : Thank you!