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10:52:18 From Barry Wynn Eakins : Those qualities/standing mentioned presumably need to be demonstrated. What might that look like?
10:53:32 From Angela Knight : Thanks, Barry. I’ll raise your question when there is a break.
10:54:44 From Lucia Miriam Harrop : You can view your career track eligibility on insideCIRES in the “Your CIRES information” box in the upper righthand area of the homepage when you log in.
11:01:10 From Lucia Miriam Harrop : Position Description Information:
11:05:11 From J Reeves : Is it possible to post the new position description template on the CIRES Career Track Information web page, so employees don’t have to reach out to CIRES HR for it?
11:06:14 From Lucia Miriam Harrop : Hi J- the template is here:
11:07:11 From Mike MacFerrin : For Q&A: What is the differences and nuances between the “promotion” process (RS1->RS2, etc) versus the initial hiring process into this track (i.e. for an RS1)? I know this talk is focused upon senior promotions, but for early-career folks, this would be helpful to heard about.
11:07:17 From Angela Knight : Thanks, Lucia! J – we can also consider adding this to the Career Track page, but it is in Admin News as Lucia notes. Thanks for the suggestion.
11:07:33 From Angela Knight : Got it – thanks, Mike!
11:09:24 From Lucia Miriam Harrop : I put in a note to Nate so that we link directly if possible/appropriate from the career track section.
11:09:35 From . : RS2 to RS3, requires 5 reference letters (3 external) but also recommendation letter from CIRES supervisor and (possibly also) the Science Advisor.
11:10:08 From . : Does the supervisor recommendation letter count towards the 5?
11:10:20 From Alison Banwell : I have the same question that Mike MacFerrin has asked above…
11:10:51 From Angela Knight : Great- thanks Ali and Mike. I’ve captured the question and will address in order.
11:12:36 From Guoqing Ge : How to define “external” references? Are other NOAA labs/centers outside Boulder counted as “external”?
11:12:38 From Candida Dewes : Following up on Mike’s question: if someone is hired at a lower level but their qualifications meet the expectations of the next level up — Do they still need to wait the time-on-the-job requirement for eligibility, or can those be considered on a case-by-case basis?
11:13:34 From Lucia Miriam Harrop : ASA process is a good place to outline a 1-5 year plan.
11:17:51 From Sylvia : @christine, please add that you can switch from the RS to AS track if the RS track is a not a good fit.
11:19:24 From Mike MacFerrin : Hi Christine, I apologize for the confusion, the question was more about the hiring process into RS1. What is looked at for consideration toward that process?
11:23:29 From Ryan Cassotto : Mike MacFerrin – InsideCIRES can offer some guidance on defining career tracks.
11:26:27 From Angela Knight : All – The 2021 Career Track Information is now updated on InsideCIRES. Check it out and let us know if you have questions:
11:29:27 From Dom : Will you be sending out the link to the recording later?
11:29:46 From Angela Knight : Hi Dom – yes, we will send out the link to the recording. Thanks!
11:30:34 From Mike MacFerrin : Thanks Christine.
11:31:26 From Waleed Abdalati : happy to provide feedback