If you are currently using DropBox or planning to use DropBox to share CIRES files, please consider Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive instead. Using DropBox may make you personally liable for any FERPA or HIPAA data if a breach were to occur. Dropbox is not a University of Colorado provided service and the terms used… Read More

Per CCO policy, individual membership fees are not an allowable cost on sponsored projects unless the award has an institutional allowance. In most cases, CIRES considers these costs personal, which means they are not reimbursable with CIRES funds. In some cases, registration fees may be deemed beneficial to the institute and may be charged to… Read More

Due to popular demand a second Annual Summary of Accomplishments (ASA) overview session has been added on June 4 at 10am in DSRC Room GB124. Please note the room change from the original invitation email. All CIRES researchers, staff and science advisors are welcome to attend this overview session of the ASA followed by a… Read More

The deadline for the 2018-2019 Annual Summary of Accomplishments (ASA) is June 30. This is an annual requirement for all CIRES researchers and staff. Please see the ASA app for full instructions and deadlines. Training sessions will be held at NOAA, DSRC room GC402, on May 8 at 10 am, and at Main Campus, CIRES… Read More

Generally, the university does not allow employees or research groups to use university funds for donations to external entities. The university defines donations as both cash or other contributions of food/consumables, supplies, computers or other items to an external entity. In some cases, the university may grant approval for a specific donation or sponsorship. This… Read More

On March 13, the University of Colorado campus and the David Skaggs Research Center closed due to inclement weather. When campuses are closed for this reason, administrative leave is granted to regular employees for their scheduled work hours during the period of closure. When paid administrative leave is granted as a result of a campus… Read More

Research faculty employed between July 1, 2018 – May 1, 2019, are required to complete an Annual Summary of Accomplishments (ASA). The ASA interface is open year-round to encourage continual update of accomplishments (e.g. publications) throughout the review cycle. In addition to being a great tool for periodic evaluation and conversation, a completed ASA for… Read More

Managers Academy is a free, 2-day program and provides a comprehensive overview for supervisors and managers of legal guidelines, campus policies, and CU-Boulder practices related to employee management and development. This program is offered quarterly and, upcoming sessions are offered in April, July and November. If you are interested,  please review the program, discuss your… Read More

Want to make your science more usable? Join Lisa Dilling, Director of Western Water Assessment, on March 6 for a talk on usable science, followed by a panel discussion featuring CU researchers whose science has been used beyond the university. More information here. Sign up here.… Read More

CIRES D&I has a new newsletter that goes out to external subscribers, including many underrepresented students and scientists. Please let Susan Sullivan know at susan.sullivan@colorado.edu if you have an open position you’d like to highlight or some other D&I opportunity at CIRES that people should know about.… Read More