ASA time: Compile those 2017 accomplishments
We plan to update our Annual Summary of Accomplishments (ASA) system in the next few weeks to enable more efficient, mostly electronic filing of annual performance evaluations. We will send an update soon, because the self-evaluation part of your ASA—covering 2017 (January-December)— is due April 15, 2018. For now, you may want to begin compiling your accomplishments in a doc on your computer or cloud or you can compile as usual in the InsideCIRES-based system (only the last step will change). The ASA includes all the usual categories: narrative summary, objectives and plans, professional activities, publications, grants, datasets, teaching, etc. and a full list of deadlines is here (requires InsideCIRES login).
MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Chief of operations Heather Davis and other members of the CIRES Administration will be in DSRC GC402 on Wednesday, February 14 at 10 am to present changes to the ASA system and address questions regarding the performance evaluation cycle. A presentation on main campus is TBD.

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