Starting this project has taught me more about science than I could ever learn in a classroom.  It’s not the “cookbook” style that I am used to, no directions, no step-by-step instructions.  That was the most difficult hurdle for me to overcome in beginning all of this. I thought that I had a project nailed… Read More

I will be honest, I am not sure what to say here. This is still one of those scenarios where I am still getting accustomed to saying I’m here. It’s hard to describe how it feels walking into the hallways of NOAA as an intern, having an office, and working at a computer either researching… Read More

First field day was this week since we’ve been graced with some rainless weather. We started early to avoid the abuse of sunlight and I quickly learnt that exact measurements in geology is not only impossible but a disadvantage. We set our constants such as the area of data collection, maximum number of measurements to… Read More

This week we visited an unmanaged site that was not affected by the beetles. It will serve as a control to compare our findings from the affected sites. It was in Sunshine Canyon in Boulder County. The day was hot but there was no rain. It is a lovely site! Our data collection process is… Read More

Hey guys, Luca here. Honestly all I have been doing this week is sitting at a computer, and programming. Mostly the work I am doing is researching to figure out the code required from various formula in the paper written by Idar Barstad and others. The link for the paper will be below for those… Read More

I was so excited to come to work today and just found out that I actually can’t do much with my project today. I am still waiting for my lab equipment to show up. In order to do my project, I need a LIVE/DEAD  BacLight Bacterial Viability Kit, some filters and a gradient called Nycodenz.… Read More

Have you ever seen pictures of Acid Mine Drainage? If not, I encourage you to google that mess immediately. The pictures you will find might give you an idea of what my team and I discovered on our field trip last Friday. Here is a summary of the events that took place: After a nice… Read More