Learning more about the app has been great, and there is not much that I have to do as far as programming for it (since that has been done). So far, I have been focused on collecting data because that’s what we need, to collect and interpret information to better understand what’s going on with… Read More

The data slicing and dicing is still a work in progress as I try to develop new questions to follow after creating different graphics to analyze at Mauna Loa. This week I am so grateful for the experience of working at NOAA and the opportunities and knowledge that the office presents daily. The building is… Read More

No, I’m definitely NOT talking about the children’s band. When I say “wiggles,” I’m referring to the images we see on our seismograms here in the geophysics department when searching for earthquake data. So why exactly does this research matter? Well, earthquakes tend to be a hot topic in geology, and there is definitley a… Read More

The RECCS program has allowed me more breadth to the world of academia. Not only has it given me research experience, but has began to re-wire my mind in a way I never thought. I feel that I have learned more in three weeks than I have in two years of courses at FRCC. Having a better understanding… Read More

Modern day math is intense! In one’s mathematic career through school everything is done with pencil and paper in order to better understand the fundamentals of the equations you’re using. It’s easy to fill a page with numbers when solving a calculus problem and showing all your work. And though it’s good for one’s self… Read More

During the first couple of weeks while working on my project, I was really worried that I would not be able to keep up with the work my mentor was asking me to do. Starting with virtually no coding experience, it has taken some time but I have finally found my footing! Troubleshooting broken code is… Read More

Many of the scientists in my division described my first week as a fire hose to the mouth as they continued to throw new information at me before I had a chance to digest what I had learned five minutes before. The analogy is very true. I would learn some important Linux, or, R command… Read More

Climate change is a contemporary hot topic issue, mostly because people that deny it consider it to be an economic burden to put funding into environmental security and research.  But for the people who pay attention to the FACTS, it is a cause of concern about all the variables that come with that change, and… Read More

This week has been a breath of fresh air as I sat with my mentor and created a plan for the summer. My mentor, Rick, has been graciously patient, and I am SO thankful for that! Something we have brainstormed while looking at different research questions was a possible collaboration with all of us in… Read More

Several years ago, my father told me that whenever he heard the song, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, he thought about me. Mind you, at the time, I was a rebellious, angsty teenager who refused to be associated with that song. As I’ve grown older, however, that is one of the most meaningful associations I’ve… Read More