Hi Everyone, I can’t believe that this is our final week for the project! I was so worried throughout this summer, now I can’t believe that we are almost done and I am not freaking out!! I felt much better after the practice presentation yesterday. I found out that I actually didn’t have much else… Read More

Hi, My graduate student Tess is on a vacation this week, so I can’t do much work for my project (because I can’t use the fluorescent microscope alone as a undergraduate) . I realized that I probably don’t have enough time to finish all the steps in my project, which means I have to change… Read More

As I was complaining about nothing I could do with my project on last Monday, I have been super busy since last Wednesday. I have all the stuff to do my experiment. As it turns out, reality is a lot different than what you planned. According to the paper we read, the method we are… Read More

I was so excited to come to work today and just found out that I actually can’t do much with my project today. I am still waiting for my lab equipment to show up. In order to do my project, I need a LIVE/DEAD  BacLight Bacterial Viability Kit, some filters and a gradient called Nycodenz.… Read More

My first week on the job was fun, exciting, nervous and a little bit stressed. The graduate student I am working with called Tess, she is really awesome. She let me do DNA extraction for her project on my first day!!! Learning all different kind of lab techniques and playing with all those high-tech equipments… Read More