good ol’ Halibut

This entire week, Katy and I have been adapting a deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) to be trained with our data (lots and lots of drone images of the Chalk Cliffs catchment). Yesterday evening, I set the script to run 300 epochs (which means it’s running through its training process with the data 300 times) and left good ol’ Halibut (the computer) running over night. I’m now back here in the office at 9 AM and Halibut is reporting about 10 hours left before this training session is complete.

A picture of just my hand annotating images (taken by Kathleen Bogan)

What is a deep convolutional neural network, you might ask? Here is the only YouTube video I could find that is able to explain it in under 10 minutes (there is also a fun rap involved):

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