This week I streamlined my project a little bit (seems to be just continuous trimming) but less because of time and more because I have 40 + plates that need to be sequenced. I am happy though because, for the most part, I have completed 90% of my plating for the conditions I have them in now and have gotten some beautiful charismatic plates and this week I get to start the PCR (yay). I specifically have a few growing in infrared light that are bright green meaning they may be aerobic phototrophs (which is one of the main things I am looking for) and not cyanobacteria; I also have what looks like purple nonsulfur bacteria. I had two of my plates, both inoculated from the same species of moss, turn pink. So I’ll be looking into why that may be. Overall it was a good week.

Side note, I found out that I apparently live right next to a ThermoFisher office and never knew it.

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