Well, I really am not the blogging type of person, I already have enough thoughts going on that I usually don’t care to write them out lol. Last week was a pretty good week, as I was finally able to see where my research project is going. My mentor was out of town for another fieldwork campaign for 2 weeks, so I had been working with another mentor in the office. While we did make remarkable progress and I learned a lot about the process of processing satellite data, we had eventually hit a road block.

Why did we hit this road block ? Well, in processing radar data one must be able to find images that are close to each other in their capture dates as well as having the same track ( path of the satellite ), and either the same frame or close enough frame to which they have a lot of overlap. Last week I went through over 500 possible pairs and found 3 on the last day. So it can be tedious but I would rather be doing this than any of my prior old jobs.

With finding these pairs we are hoping that the processing runs smoothly this week so we can finally start our analysis and results. It’s sad that this internship is actually coming to it’s end. I wish I I could keep doing this part-time during the school year. It’s been fun and the time is flying by. I have been fortunate to have a great group of people in the office, they have been so helpful, kind, and very patient in getting through all of the tedious and sometimes repeat work cycles. That is all for today.

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