My research will continue as planned. Samples from each of the four field sites need to be collected on a weekly basis. In addition, physical parameter measurements at the sites need to be taken on a weekly basis. This sequential addition of data displays concentration and discharge correlations over the 9-week period. In addition, it is necessary for further understanding how discharge and particle concentrations of TSS, TPP, TDP, and AFDM change over time at each site. I will continue to input data from physical parameters on to a discharge calculation spread sheet. I will also filter, extract, and analyze samples in the lab. Data from the lab will be put onto a JMP spread sheet and configured into various graphs to look for trends or correlations in the data. So far the results are similar to our initial expectations based on previous background information and available historical data. I am most confident with the variety of water chemistry lab skills I have gained throughout this process in addition to a more refined understanding of statistical treatment of data. My main concern is being able to properly present my abstract, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion even though I will still be conducting research during that time.



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