This week I successfully carried out my tasks. My physical fitness is improving, as I am required to hike 10 or more miles with heavy equipment and gear when conducting fieldwork. This time my overall measurement techniques and use of the equipment improved.

Using the flow meter with the tape measure allowed more effective measurement of the vertical subsections depth. My use of the velocity meter improved. I was able to hold it steady with the proper form and obtain more accurate readings. I am now able to read and translate the measurement marks on the flow meter even when it is submerged. My note taking was more detailed this time and I accounted for a wider variety of variables when recording data. I recorded distance, depth, velocity, and width of the stream.

However I also started to record other factors such as the date, weather, time, and location in an all weather field notebook. This time I only collected two samples per field site in 2000 mL bottles so it was easier to hike back to the field vehicle. After collecting the field samples they were to taken back for filtration, extraction, and TPP, TSS, TDP, chlorophyll a, and AFDM analysis in the lab. I was very careful to do each procedure correctly.

Additionally, my use of JMP is improving. I reviewed their basic tutorial of the software package again and how to use it creatively and efficiently using certain tool features. This extensive practice is significantly increasing my overall confidence despite obstacles and setbacks.


One comment on “Practice is Essential for Increased Confidence-Blog #4

  • It’s really awesome to hear all about the improvements that can get made in this project. I kind of envy the fact that your physical fitness is improving while mine leaves room for improvement. Then I think about 10 mile hikes with heavy equipment in scorching weather. However, nothing worth having is easy to pursue. You embody this with a positive attitude, hard work, and a sincere dedication to doing what you know is right and what you’re passionate about. You serve as an inspiration to me. Thanks for the motivation.


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