With only two weeks left of the RECCS program it’s crunch time and all of the interns around Boulder are feeling the heat. Speaking of heat, my project has taken a significant turn and I have found temperature data and images that I had previously overlooked and is now the focal point of my research. With the help of research obtained from CRREL, I have more data than I can possibly process before my presentation, however, I have found some exciting correlations. I finally feel like I will have a results and conclusion section on my poster and for my presentation and that lifts a bit of the imposter-syndrome stress off of my shoulders.

With the images processed, the code run and the data correlated, I am working hard on getting my presentations put together. Making a poster seems like it would be a relatively easy task, but I underestimated my OCD and I’m spending most of my time fixing the format of the poster, creating higher quality images and redesigning/rewriting the bulk content every couple days. I am feeling pretty confident about the results that I’m getting and about both presentations, but I do feel the need for designated time to work on the poster and also how specific or general the information displayed will be.



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