Some sites have not had many seedlings while others have lots!!  Yesterday we were at Bald Mountain in Boulder County.  Lesley was kind enough to help us out.  I think she had fun with the densiometer. 🙂

When a plot (at most locations we survey 5 plots) has many visible seedlings, we take one “pie piece” instead of counting the entire the plot.  Yesterday we counted one full site, and then 3 sub samples.  Guess how many seedlings we counted?  491 total!  And remember that’s only a subsample.  Our necks are feeling it today!

Field work is so fun!


One comment on “Week 7: Seedlings!

  • I had a great time sampling with you and Fleur, and that densitometer, antiquated instrument of the past, was oh so much fun to use – especially when the sunlight was reflecting back in my eyes and I couldn’t see a darn thing on the grid 🙂

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