Even though my mentor is out of town, she still has me busy!  She arranged for me to join in a field trip with the Front Range Round Table.  It’s a diverse group of individuals from various organizations coming together to discuss forest restoration.  I am not sure of the history of the group, but it’s a great platform for people of different backgrounds to come together for the same cause.  I believe this is part of the CFLRP–Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project.

Today we visited four sites in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests. Three of the sites have recently been thinned (by hand or machines), and the other will be thinned soon.  Although my project focuses on the pine beetle, it was very interesting learning and seeing what they actually are DOING with the trees that have been killed by the beetle.

There were many people from the USFS and they provided wonderful information.  Others in attendance were from CSU, TNC, and a few others that I honestly don’t remember the acronyms!  Gosh, there really are so many!  Between abbreviations for the many organizations, and the abbreviations of the processes, treatments, trees and the list goes ON…it’s a wonder I have time to learn things other than what acronym means what.  🙂

It rained all day today!  Every single stop! I didn’t bring my phone out, so sadly no pictures to post this time.  But imagine a cool ponderosa tree that looked like a zigzag. And it was healthy!  I can try to draw it tomorrow!



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