This week has been full of little surprises. Let me share them with you!

First off, our team learned that we have been approved to buy a boat! It will be a sweet little river raft and we are preparing ourselves to dunk it right into the iron rich waters of the majestic Snake River and float that baby all the way down to Dillon Reservoir. This will be revolutionary in studying the Snake, because most of the river is surrounded by private land, it is nearly impossible to reach large stretches of the stream without a boat. Of course, this will have to wait until the flow goes way down, and may just be a perk to the job.

Second, I learned how to separate out DOM from small samples of the 2013 flood waters in Boulder Creek. Tomorrow we are going to freeze them in liquid nitrogen and possibly make some ice cream while we’re at it.

Third, I ran samples through a crazy machine called a sprectrofluorometer. If anyone wants to see it, it is in the room next to the Mort Turner room, ill show you. It measures….stuff…

There is probably more I am missing but I have to get back to work!

See y’all Thursday!


One comment on “Week 6: Can we make ice cream?

  • That is so neat that you will float all the way down the Snake to Dillon. At this rate, you might have to wait until August to do this though!!

    Sounds like you are learning lots of interesting lab techniques, which is great.

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