Hi all,

We had a wonderful week in the field.  This week we visited Bald Mountain, Sunshine Canyon and Heil Valley.  These are all beautiful sites. We still have work to do in all of them, and I look forward to having Jennifer, Lesley and Moana join us!

Our data collection is coming along and now it’s time to get it all entered and analyzed.  Although my mentor will be gone on vacation, I hope to make great progress on this while she is away.

Back to the highlights of the field.  We came across this lovely, huge dandelion-looking plant.  It was super cool!  Turns out is has a name and it’s not dandelion.  It was a Western Salsify (Tragopogon dubius). Check it out!


And here are some team photos from Heil Valley.  The views on the walk back to the truck were beautiful. Enjoy.


One comment on “Week 5: Field work and field data

  • Beautiful photos. Thanks for letting us know the name of that plant – we have several bursting with seeds in our yard. Now I know what they are called!

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