CIRES Finance is here to answer your questions, let us be your first point of contact for any questions regarding award management. The University frequently sends out notices or odd messages that may be confusing. If you have questions, please route them to your post-award administrator at CIRES first. We’ll assist in getting those answers!… Read More

If you plan on taking CU-tagged equipment off-site for more than 2 weeks, please email our CIRES Property team prior to your departure in order to complete an Off-Site Equipment Agreement Form. If you have any questions about taking equipment off-site, please contact CIRES Property team or the CIRES Property Manager, Nicole Joy… Read More

Pre-awardThe CIRES Proposal Team is checking the federal funding agency sites daily to identify any proposal due date extensions resulting from the lengthy shutdown. As we become aware of extensions, the team will communicate directly with the PIs affected. NSF has created a Resumption of Operation Page and asked that proposers, awardees and reviewers who… Read More

Dear CIRES Colleagues, So! After today’s announcement by the President and positive signals from Congressional leaders, the federal government is poised to reopen fully under spending bills that would be effective for three weeks, until February 15. Those of you who have been working outside your normal offices and laboratories, with limited or no access… Read More

The Finance Office Proposal Team ( is here to assist with your proposal submissions. At this time, CU’s Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) is recommending PIs proceed with submissions despite the fact we may not have all the required information from our federal partners.  Once the government re-opens, OCG will be able to demonstrate… Read More

Tasha Snow has stepped down as CGA co-chair this semester as she starts to ramp up some exciting field work during the last year of her PhD. After a large amount of interest in the position, Ilann and Tasha have chosen Meghan Helmberger ( to take over the grad co-chair position. She is a PhD… Read More

During the shutdown, the CIRES communication team would like to hear about your upcoming paper publications and submissions, so we can continue to promote your work. Send any updates to our team at We’ll update your federal communications colleagues as we can.… Read More

Do you have more to say about the workplace culture at CIRES? Sign up for a one-hour focus group offered in three locations over January 28-31. Choose Women@CIRES, All-CIRES or request an individual conversation. These small group confidential discussions will be used to craft the CIRES D&I action plan and provide more insight into the… Read More

With just over 640 pieces of equipment to account for completing the biennial inventory is certainly a team effort. We are so appreciative of everyone’s help in coordinating, communicating , and meeting with the CIRES Finance Team to complete the full inventory. Thank you to all of you who were instrumental in getting the CIRES Biennial… Read More

We want to remind our travelers to AGU and to AMS to submit your reimbursement requests as soon as feasible. You may complete and submit a Travel Voucher and your receipts to CIRES Travel orcreate your own expense report in Concur.  Instructions on requesting travel reimbursement can be found on InsideCIRES here. Things to keep in… Read More