Per CCO policy, individual membership fees are not an allowable cost on sponsored projects unless the award has an institutional allowance. In most cases, CIRES considers these costs personal, which means they are not reimbursable with CIRES funds. In some cases, registration fees may be deemed beneficial to the institute and may be charged to… Read More

Generally, the university does not allow employees or research groups to use university funds for donations to external entities. The university defines donations as both cash or other contributions of food/consumables, supplies, computers or other items to an external entity. In some cases, the university may grant approval for a specific donation or sponsorship. This… Read More

If you plan on taking CU-tagged equipment off-site for more than 2 weeks, please email our CIRES Property team prior to your departure in order to complete an Off-Site Equipment Agreement Form. If you have any questions about taking equipment off-site, please contact CIRES Property team or the CIRES Property Manager, Nicole Joy… Read More

With just over 640 pieces of equipment to account for completing the biennial inventory is certainly a team effort. We are so appreciative of everyone’s help in coordinating, communicating , and meeting with the CIRES Finance Team to complete the full inventory. Thank you to all of you who were instrumental in getting the CIRES Biennial… Read More

We want to remind our travelers to AGU and to AMS to submit your reimbursement requests as soon as feasible. You may complete and submit a Travel Voucher and your receipts to CIRES Travel orcreate your own expense report in Concur.  Instructions on requesting travel reimbursement can be found on InsideCIRES here. Things to keep in… Read More

When reconciling the charges that have hit your P-Card each month, please input the Business Purpose of the purchase on each expense. If the space is not long enough to allow the entire Business Purpose to be entered, please write in what you can and continue the Business Purpose into the Comment field of the… Read More

We have a large number of researchers and staff headed to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting December 10-14, in Washington, D.C. The CIRES Travel group typically processes reimbursement requests within 10-15 business days of receipt. A large portion of our trip reimbursements are processed by our student staff members in CIRES Finance. We are… Read More

A reminder from CIRES Travel: It is critical to submit trip requests and receive CIRES approval prior to travel, for both CU-funded and Risk Management travel. Policies are periodically revised, so  please access InsideCIRES Travel Services for detailed, up-to-date information on all aspects of travel, especially international requests and adding personal time to a trip.… Read More