Maybe the Kyotos and Copenhagens aren’t the way forward. I realize this is a provocative statement, but let’s consider it for the sake of argument.… Read More

One-hundred fifty years ago, a tourist might have stepped directly onto the Eigergletscher from just below the station buildings, where the train tracks burrow into the Eiger. Today, gray moraine protrudes like a fin and one looks up, not down, the valley to find the curled lip of the glacier.… Read More

Today’s phrase: Risk Appetite. How much risk is a community willing to absorb? With hurricane Earl approaching the U.S. eastern coastline, it seemed an appropriate afternoon to learn about how the insurance sector assesses natural hazard risks.… Read More

Pondering yesterday’s adaptation lectures (and having survived a four hour crash course in integrated climate abatement and economic modeling this afternoon), I decided to take a quick snoop around Grindelwald to see what sort of climate response measures a small town in Switzerland has implemented. To set the stage, here’s looking across the street from my… Read More

What next? Adaptation will certainly play a part. So far, we have to adapt to a 0.8 degree Celsius rise… Read More

I used to think all scientists wore white labcoats and worked with chemistry equipment.… Read More