On the 8th of December, the Araon reaches its closest approach to Jang  Bogo station and docks in the ice.  We are about a half mile off shore, and there is a small iceberg stuck in the sea ice almost between us and the station.

The full list of daily waypoints are located in this Google Earth KML file.



Jang Bogo from the Araon

View of Jang Bogo Station from the deck of the Araon

We are allowed to get off the Araon and walk on the ice.  It’s a good thing that Justin remembered to get ice spikes for our shoes.  The sea ice can be very slippery in spots, but good traction elsewhere.  We are staying on the Araon for another couple of days.  This is difficult because we are anxious to get to work.

Araon On Ice

The Araon docks on the ice and we can get off to explore

Walking about on the ice is amusing for about an hour.  We quickly learn that anything interesting (seals,  icebergs, glaciers, etc) is out of bounds.

Jang Bogo from the Ice

View of Jang Bogo Station from the ice beside the Araon


The station’s car has these really cool snow tracks installed.  Make it go great over the ice, but the turning radius is severely impacted!

Track Car

A really cool retrofit of a car for use on the ice