We shoved off the dock around 13:00 local time on 27Nov14. It took this big blue tugboat to get the Araon away from the dock and headed out to sea.


Tugboat in Lyttelton Harbor


On the way out of the harbor, we had several encounters with Hector’s Dolphins playing in the wake of the ship.  They were too fast for me to capture a photo, maybe I can get one from one of my colleagues.

<dolphin Photo>

After a few hours out of the harbor, we reached the last little bit of land that we could see, and soon left this behind us.


Lands End. This is the last green we will see for 3 months


It did not take long for us to reach rough seas.  By the time evening came around, we were pounded by waves 5 or more meters.  In the middle of the night, all the doors in our cabin were flying open, chairs were sliding around and everything was a mess.  Many people got seasick from this pounding.  Terry took Dramamine before it got rough and didn’t get sick, but catching any kind of sleep on a ship tossing about that badly was a real trick.

For users of Google Earth, I will be updating this file of waypoints daily for the voyage.