The pathway from MSF back towards the Big House.  That’s where we go for excellent food (thanks Rosemary!), entertainment, toothbrushes, and friendly smiles.  Speaking of the food, I’m astounded at how well we eat here.  Fresh food comes in with many of the airplanes, and there is a great system in place for storage of a wide variety of items.  The primary “freezer” is a hole with stairs leading down into the ice sheet.  Meals are diverse; we’ve had Italian, Thai, Indian, Greek, and many more.  And there is always the dangerous cookie jar!  It is so nice to have a dedicated chef!  And almost as nice is a dedicated dish washer…..  That role is spread out among the various folks up here.  Yesterday was my day to be the “house mouse.”  Dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, helping the chef, etc.   It’s a hard day’s work (and it really does take all day), but nice to contribute to the Summit community.  I put in a partial day of my equipment set-up work AFTER my house mousing, getting me to bed at 1:30 am.  That was a long day, and morning yoga came way to early!