A phone call from Babis on the ice sheet yesterday evening informed me that the team has traversed from Dye-2 to first science site KAN_U with great ease. This 66 km / 41 mile stretch of compacted, bumpy snow took forever to drive on our snow mobiles two years ago, having to strap and restrap boxes often, even though… Read More

Last preparations until Kangerlussuaq. Two days to go! Once up on the ice sheet, Bread-Crumb Trackers on our snowmobiles will track our locations on the upcoming ACT-15 Traverse in Greenland. Anyone can use the link below to see our location on the ice. We arrive in Greenland this Friday, and are scheduled to hit the ice… Read More

Today, Horst Machguth – campaign leader in 2013 along with Mike – and I went shopping. A few simple purchases and little time spent in our workshop at GEUS resulted in the firn-core table that will be the basis of our firn data sampling in this year’s expedition. Slightly modified this time, introducing some distance from the… Read More

Equipment check at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). Everything’s in order!   Babis… Read More