Rise and shine! Today was the first day since we arrived almost two weeks ago that we had a sunshine day! With blue skies at our backs we successfully installed all three cameras that will monitor the D-ICE system. The positioning of the cameras is instrumental in accurately capturing whether or not the domes of the radiometers will remain clear under each ventilator/housing modification. The camera en devour took the majority of the day, but we also successfully mounted a lighting system to softly illuminate the system during polar night, also adjusted system settings to capture data and images automatically, and finally finding a proper way to transform AC power… this took quite a lot of scientists by the way ;). Tomorrow is our wrap up day where we plan to tie up cable, close up logger boxes, pack away boxes, etc.. Here’s to successfully capturing D-ICE data!

Sara and Meghan enjoying the morning sunshine!

The final setup: radiometers, ventilators, heaters, cameras, and a light

Nick and Emiel positioning camera #2

Chris, Sara, and Emiel assessing the AC power situation

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