Today was a great day, we finally were able to establish a connection with our data and camera pictures! It took a few days of troubleshooting, but with the assistance of folks here in Barrow and back in Boulder we were able to successfully collect data 🙂

We have now moved on to working out angles for the cameras to be mounted so that we don’t impact the radiometers by shading them while also capturing visuals of the domes. We will likely be placing a total of three cameras around the table to fully capture the radiometer domes in good resolution. This task required a rotation of us to be on the roof pointing the cameras at specific angles and others to be inside looking at the webcam, all communicating through walkie-talkies… which brought out each of our inner-child as we radio’d to one another through the walls/roof 😉 Tomorrow we hope to mount the cameras and move on to mounting the lights!

Sara communicating to the roof about which angle to point the camera

Meghan communicating to others inside how to focus the cameras

Nick being a good sport and patiently holding the cameras at different angles

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