Its the weekend here in the Arctic, and we decided to treat ourselves to a “family” style dinner after a hard day in the field. We still aren’t able to connect completely to the data stream, which is likely due to a firewall issue and we hope to resolve this Monday. Until then, we are devising a plan to mount the cameras and lights. It was an overall night day this afternoon, but the morning was quite cold with wind and snow! After the long work day we decided to bring the comforts of home to Barrow (since we have been in the field for six days now), so we hit the local grocery store on our way home from the field and bought ingredients for a chicken pot pie and brownies for dessert! With full stomachs we hope to sleep soundly tonight and start fresh again tomorrow 🙂

The sun came out for a brief time today, which was a welcomed surprise from the usual cloudy grey days we have experienced so far.

Dinner time: home-made chicken pot pie and brownies for dessert!

2 comments on “Field family dinner!

  • You are awesome! I know it’s some tough conditions, and with being away from the comforts of home, family and friends. Great job so far! Get some well deserved rest.

    • Thanks Chuck! It’s been really windy most of the time with even some brief snow showers. Can’t wait to get home and start collecting data!

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