Today was our first day at the Barrow lab, and it went great! We had clouds with some mist this morning, but that later dissipated so a dry cloudy day in the Arctic. Lots of adventures today, we checked out the grocery store and it more than accommodated our needs for food. After arriving at the station, we unpacked our shipment from Boulder and started assessing if anything was damaged… good news, nothing was damaged even though the boxes looked otherwise. We started putting the tables that will hold the instruments together and we are about 80% done already. We also started mounting the ventilator units onto the table top and completed one of the tables, and will complete the other one tomorrow. Tomorrow we will install the table on the roof of the station (pictured below) and start installing the instruments. Overall, great productive day! Go team!

Barrow observatory, our setup will be on the roof above

Emiel, Nick, and Meghan securing the fiberglass grating to the metal frame

Everyone working hard! From left to right, Meghan, Chris, Sara, Emiel, Nick

Sara mounting the ventilator units to the fiberglass tables

Nick and Meghan dipping their hands in the Arctic ocean!

The team enjoying the beach after a long day of work. From left to right, Chris, Emiel, Meghan, Sara, and Nick.

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