Virtual vs. In-Person Attendance. If you plan to attend a conference in-person, you will need to complete a CIRES Employee Travel Request via Inside CIRES and seek approval from CIRES Travel. If you are planning to attend a conference virtually, you do not need to seek travel approval from CIRES Travel.

When attending a conference, we expect travel dates to occur one day prior to the start of the conference, and one day after the conference ends.  Any additional dates outside of this should be explained in your travel request.  For example, you may be attending a pre/post conference workshop.  Please note CIRES Travel Policy regarding Personal Travel.

American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Location: Chicago, IL

Dates of Conference: 12/12 – 12/16/22

Fall Meeting 2022 Information

American Meteorological Society (AMS)

Location: Denver, CO

Dates of Conference: 1/8 – 1/12/23

103 Annual Meeting Information

As AMS will be local this year, you will not need to put through a travel request if you will only be claiming mileage to/from the conference, abstract and/or conference registration fees.  If overnight lodging is required due to early morning sessions or late-night presentations, a CIRES Employee Travel Request is required.  The travel request should provide a justification as to why an overnight stay is required and how it benefits the project.

Using a Travel Card or P-Card

You can use either a P-Card or your Travel Card to pay for conference registrations, even if you are registering to attend a virtual/remote conference.

CU prefers that we use P-cards to pay for conference registration fees, however it is also allowable to use a Travel Card. If you use your Travel Card, you’ll need to wait until after the conference is completed to submit your expense report in Concur. 

Travel Card: We encourage you to apply for a travel card to support your expenses during your trip, if you don’t already have one. Take a look at our instructions on InsideCIRES for info on how to apply for a travel card.

 Please see Travel Services on Inside CIRES for additional travel information.