This is CIRES’ regular reminder about affiliations. Please note 3 key things: 

  1. CIRES researchers should include their CIRES affiliation in all publications, conference presentations, bios, and emails. 
    • For CIRES researchers at NOAA, the easiest way to do this is to use dual affiliations: 1=Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, CU Boulder [or: CIRES, University of Colorado Boulder], 2=NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory (or GML, PSL, NCEI, etc.) 
  2. It’s important that we include our CIRES affiliation on all communications, from presentations and papers to fliers advertising talks and quotes in news stories. We should not represent ourselves as federal employees.
  3. CIRES@NOAA researchers funded by the Cooperative Agreement (“Task II”) should acknowledge this funding in all publications. 
    • You can cite the CA in your acknowledgment section: this work was supported (in part by/by / etc.) the NOAA Cooperative Agreement with CIRES, NA17OAR4320101.
    • CIRES Visiting Fellows can acknowledge CA funding like this: [NAME] was supported by the CIRES Visiting Fellows Program and the NOAA Cooperative Agreement with CIRES, NA17OAR4320101.

Many of you already do these things already—thank you. 

Questions? Email CIRES Associate Director for Science Christine Wiedinmyer